Almanal creates projects, empowering disabled persons and promoting their inclusion within the Western Galilee's communities. Our programs push for the inclusion of disabled individuals, which stands as an example of acceptance regardless of outside appearances. In a country suffering from many forms of discrimination, we aim to open the hearts and minds of those around us, all the while supporting and encouraging the disabled in our communities.

Inclusion and Support

Everyone is "disabled" at one point in his or her life. Be it requiring glasses or recovering from a serious accident. Understanding that disabled individuals can contribute to society benefits everyone either directly or indirectly.

Instead of being ashamed and isolated when faced with a difficult situation, we aim to empower, imbue self-confidence and self-worth. Via example and education, society will change their views and be increasingly supportive and inclusive of the disabled. The change of attitude towards someone "different" for whatever reason, benefits society as a whole.


Almanal was established (2007) by activists and volunteers, catering to individuals with disabilities. The founder, Yasin Ghannyeem, survived a serious car accident at the age of 35. The accident disabled him, and only with extensive rehabilitation was he able to function again. The national health services addressed his physical predicament; however, there were no services available to assist him or his family with the mental anguish or the effects of his disability on them. Yasin became isolated and depressed, and only through his own determination, recovered. He vowed that no one should have to feel alone and subject to discrimination because of a disability. He then established Almanal Center for the Disabled to put into action his conviction.

Today the organization offers services to adults in the areas of equal rights, social integration, counseling, health services, recreation and business. Individuals with physical and mental disabilities meet casually and in organized activities at our center. Our programs provide incentives to contribute to society, gain higher education and employment. The center also assists families of the disabled, via support groups and distribution of donations.


Almanal Center is located in the town of Sachnin in the Galilee. Our building was acquired via generous donations from private companies and induvials. The center includes:

  • Computer room for the blind, visually impaired and physically limited
  • Social Meeting room with:
    • Games
    • Seating arrangements for group meetings
    • Musical instruments and basic sound system
    • Television
  • Kitchennet
  • Offices


Most of our programs are ongoing. When a need arises, we do our best to accommodate. Some of programs include:

  • Information center for disabled rights
  • Social center and activities for the disabled
  • Community awareness
  • Computer facilities and instruction for blind, visually impaired and physically limited individuals.
  • Promotion of education and employment of individuals with special needs.

Legal Status and Awards

Almanal is a tax exempt non-profit organization, which is registered with the Israeli Organization Registration Office. We work in accordance with the legal obligations as per Israeli law and under the tax status of a non-profit organization as per clause 46א.

Almanal was awarded a five star certification in 2011 by the Israeli Government Branch of the Negev and Galilee for excellence in our services to the community.

Contact and Additional information

Almanal Center for the Disabled
P.O. Box 7382
Sachnin, Israel 3081000
Tel: +972 4 674 1455